“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”  - Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

Are you confused about what to eat?  There is so much information thrust at us regarding nutrition, fitness, supplements, health, and healing, that it can be overwhelming to try to make sense of it all and find what is going to work for you.  Many people who are seeking to get healthy and improve their nutrition have had the experiencing of putting effort into a program or plan, only to discover it was not right for them, or that they were not able to maintain it.  It can be difficult to continue being motivated to put effort into something when you are simultaneously losing faith that it can work for you.

If you’ve tried other approaches to getting healthy and eating well and you’re still not experiencing real change, you are in the right place.  Working with a nutrition professional who is educated in the science of nutrition, and can tailor the science to the unique considerations of the individual is the best way to make sure your efforts are being directed toward actions that will create the change you are looking to achieve.  Alyssa Simpson is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who uses the best of her experience along with insights from many leaders in the field of dietetics and integrative and functional nutrition to help her clients learn to eat in a way that facilitates a healthy life for them and their families.

Alyssa listens and understands how important your goals are to you, and will give you peace of mind about how to eat to feel and look your best.  Whether you are fairly healthy but would like to get organized and learn how to adopt healthy eating habits that you can maintain, or you have health concerns that are worsening over time and you realize that properly nourishing your body will be vital to your recovery, Alyssa is able to help.

Alyssa’s philosophy is that food provides fuel and nutrients that support all the natural complex processes of the body.  Your body’s natural state is to be well, but imbalances in our environment and state of mind can throw our health out of its natural balanced state.  To solve your health issues and return to your natural state of wellness, the underlying causes of the imbalance must be identified and properly addressed.  While nutrition is not a replacement for medical care when needed, quality nutrition therapy is a vital foundational piece of medical care.  Although this is often underrepresented in our current medical system, Alyssa has devoted her career to making this piece – medical nutrition therapy – available locally and across the country. Alyssa also provides nutrition coaching and counseling so that her clients are able to successfully apply her recommendations and develop healthy habits.