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Calories in Beer


Question:  If I am at a bar and I drink Guinness vs. Bud Light, how much further do I have to walk to burn off the calories in Guinness than the calories in Bud Light?” - Paul

Guinness contains 170 calories per pint (a 16-oz glass), whereas Bud Light only has 146 calories per pint.  So, you would need to burn an extra 24 calories for every pint of Guinness you consumed instead of Bud Light.

If you walk at a 2.5mph pace, you will burn about 3.25 calories per minute.  So, you would need to walk 52 minutes to burn off the Guinness, and only 45 minutes to burn off the Bud Light.  The difference if 7 minutes of walking.

Remember to multiply that by the number of pints of Guinness you drink!!

  • Paul says:

    Thank You,

    I’ve been wondering what the difference is. So what you’re saying is that I can just park 500 feet further from the bar and drink better beer.

    Now how much work would I have to do at the gym, say on a treadmill?

    March 26, 2010 at 3:42 pm

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