Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

“I have suffered from stomach issues for most of my life.  After extensive testing came back negative, I was diagnosed with IBS.  It was presented as something I would just have to deal with and I was used to feeling bad.  I had started doing some research on my own and realized what I was eating might be contributing to my symptoms.  I had considerable stomach upset, cramps, gas, and diarrhea. In addition, I was dealing with fatigue that was getting worse as time progressed.  I was so bad that I had no energy to do anything and it affected my mood.  I tried a myriad of medical solutions and medicine.  Nothing alleviated my stomach problems; they just addressed the symptoms once I felt sick.  The plan was difficult at first because it was a complete overhaul on how I had been eating and it was so limited.

There was a significant learning curve on how to eat.  However, after sticking to the program, I noticed that I started to feel better.  I was getting less stomach disturbances and I was getting more energy.  The longer I have done the program, the better I have felt. At this point I feel a lot better, I have identified most of the foods that are an issue for me and how to avoid them.  I can go out now without worrying about having to leave early because of my stomach or trying to mask humiliating gas.  In addition, I am a better mom and wife.  I finally have more energy, so I am able to do things and keep up with my family.  We are all eating healthier and have taken this as a lifestyle change.  I did not think it would be possible to go this long without being sick, but at this point, I have only gotten stomachaches when I eat something that contained one of my contraband items.

I would absolutely recommend others in this situation to go and see Alyssa.  My symptoms have been ignored and treated as inconsequential for my entire life.  I thought that this is what I had to deal with; however, Alyssa treated me as if she understood and could help.  I was used to being brushed off and told that there was nothing that could be done, so it was nice having somebody that seemed to care and understand.  She was always honest with me and helped me work my way through the plan.”



Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Acid reflux

“I have seen my primary care doctor and a gastroenterologist and was not getting any better.  I have had bloating and uncontrollable diarrhea for over a decade. My body would dump. I woke up after 8 hours of sleep feeling exhausted.  I had tried medications that killed the bad bacteria in the gut, probiotics. Nothing changed.  I am so glad that the gastroenterologist suggested that I see Alyssa. No more bloat, no more embarrassing diarrhea. I wake up feeling refreshed.  I feel amazing. About 6 weeks into the program I was driving and it hit me that for the first time in more than a decade I felt good. I went to a party recently and people were asking me what diet I was using. I told them that I had stopped eating food that I was allergic to, I wasn’t dieting. I received comment after comment on how good I looked.  I no longer fall asleep in the car. My grandchildren still wear me out, but I enjoy it.  I already have recommended Alyssa to friends. The program is not inexpensive, but worth every cent. It’s not easy, but I would and will go through anymore testing and elimination of foods as needed.”

-Maria Teresa Parks


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

“I was referred to Alyssa by a gastroenterologist. I was experiencing a lot of abdominal pain including gas and bloating that would last several hours after I ate.  It was interfering with my quality of life. My gastroenterologist prescribed Prevacid, which I took for a month with no relief.  I had also tried antacids, GasX, and using hot water bottles to relieve the pain.  

Alyssa ran a test for me that involved sending a blood sample to a lab to determine what foods I may have sensitivities to.  The results indicated about six or seven foods that were potentially irritating, along with others that my body was tolerating better.  The first thing Alyssa did was help me to create a rather restrictive “food elimination” diet that combined only foods that the test indicated my body was tolerating well. Gradually, we added in additional foods as my stomach pain began to subside.  She recommended some herbal supplements and a great vitamin that helped as well. The results I experience were exactly as I had hoped for.  My pain gradually began to subside and last in shorter and shorter durations until finally, it was gone.  After several weeks I was able to tolerate some of my favorite foods (and desserts) that my body was previously rejecting.  In addition, I felt terrific!  My energy level increased dramatically and my thinking became much clearer and sharper. Today, I continue to feel terrific.  I am grateful to be able to eat a large variety of foods that no longer bother me and to be able to enjoy my life again without experiencing the pain that was causing so many problems back when I first sought Alyssa’s help.  And I feel armed with knowledge of exactly what I need to do if my symptoms come back.

I would absolutely recommend Alyssa to others facing similar issues.  Not only is Alyssa knowledgeable and experienced, but she also has a very warm way about her that allowed me to feel as though I was in very good hands.  She took the time to listen to what was really going on, ask illuminating questions, and explain her recommendations clearly and succinctly.  She also provided me with wonderful reference materials that were full of great information, including tasty recipes that I still use.  Alyssa was of far greater assistance to me than any of the doctors I worked with.”

-Diane Bolden


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

“I’ve tried countless diets, supplements, cleanses and more to gain control of my IBS and its symptoms. Nothing has worked for me. That’s why when I first met Alyssa I was skeptical of the Leap MRT program. In just the first two weeks of following her program I felt better than I had in years. I had less IBS symptoms and I nearly doubled my energy. Working with Alyssa is the best decision for my health that I have ever made.”

-Brian Coughlin



I was suffering through about 10-12 migraines every month.  As an experiment, I had changed my diet for 21 days and saw a major decrease of my number of migraines.  When I went back to a normal diet I saw once again an increase in migraines.  On my own I knew my migraines were related to food, but I had no idea which foods and how to eliminate the problem foods without starving myself.  I called and made an appointment with Alyssa Simpson, and she was able to offer me hope for working together to figure out how to find those trigger foods and how to eliminate them from my diet.

Prior to visiting Alyssa, in order to get rid of my migraines, I had tried supplements taken every day.  I had worked with a chiropractor and an acupuncturist.  I had visited neurologists and physicians.  I never found relief or even a decrease in the frequency of migraines.  

Alyssa was able to have me take a blood test called the LEAP MRT food sensitivity testing.  From those results, we created a base diet that gave me a clean system for decreasing migraines.  In the first two months I saw my migraines decrease by half.  I also could pinpoint many of my remaining migraines by food that I ate or simply hormonal imbalances.  Alyssa was a support for me as I learned to eat differently than I ever had before.  She would give me recipes; she learned that I liked sweets so she would find ways for me to make my own chocolate, muffins and sweets so that I could be successful.

I asked my husband if he could tell a difference in our life, and he was quick to tell me all the ways that he has seen improvement.  My four year old is very aware of the ways migraines have affected our family, he has been so glad to remind me that I haven’t had a migraine in a long time.  He also reminds me what foods I’m avoiding so that I won’t have one in the future.  I am so glad that I am learning how to eat in a way that allows me to be able to participate in our family.

I would highly recommend Alyssa to others who are suffering from migraines or any diet related issues.  She is great at helping make good choices easier.  She engages each patient as an individual and learns what works best for them.  She has given me the tools to live my life everyday without having to ask myself, “Am I getting a migraine?”  

-Sara B


Cystic Acne

Dr. Andrew Grade, my GI specialist recommended that I see Alyssa. I was having all sorts of GI problems; but the cystic acne that I was experiencing was bothering me the most with no remedy or end in sight for at least the past ten years. I had tried Murad, ProActive, Dermatologists since age 14 and aestheticians, none could put their finger on anything that could help my cystic painful acne. Also, my parents had prayed for years that something would help me with this cystic acne. Finally, Alyssa came into my life!

Alyssa told me about the food sensitivity testing that was available that I had heard nothing about before. She said that sometimes it is the food that we are sensitive to that causes cystic acne.  I let her know that I certainly wanted to find out if this was the culprit. We found out with the sensitivity testing that I am sensitive to a whole host of ubiquitous foods, such as, coffee, vanilla, almonds, cucumber, mushroom, watermelon and raspberries to name a few. My PCP saw the list and said that she would have cried if she had this list; but I was just thankful that there was a reason for my cystic acne that had plagued me for years that then started going away once I avoided these foods.

It was a total miracle! My aesthetician and dermatologist were shocked to put it mildly! I was shocked as well because when I would literally have a few slices of mushroom or cucumber on my salad, a big painful cyst would appear the next day. I always thought food had something to do with it; but I thought that it was just dairy or chocolate; but I found out that I could eat greek yogurt without a problem. It was the cheddar that I needed to avoid. Talking about pinpoint accuracy!

I would without hesitation recommend Alyssa to anyone suffering from the pain of cystic acne. I have already! She truly is a God-send!!! She has changed my life! I now don’t feel the need to hide my face behind a paper bag when looking at people. Wow what a difference she has made! Also, my GI symptoms are much better.

-Mesa 13


Idiopathic subglottic stenosis, Sinusitis

“I wanted to do MRT testing to see if foods might be contributing to my mucus problem which is difficult to deal with because of my idiopathic condition.  My symptoms included overproduction of mucus, constant coughing, itching ears, feeling like I had an ear infection, and lack of energy.  I haven’t really tried any treatments prior to Alyssa because doctors would tell me there was nothing wrong with me. Since working with Alyssa, the mucus production has decreased significantly, as well as the coughing.  Discomfort within my ears is completely gone.  The lack of energy I was experiencing is completely gone as well.  

These days I feel great!  This experience with Alyssa has been completely life-changing.  I had forgotten how important eating is to my well-being.  I would absolutely recommend working with Alyssa.  While nutrition may not cure chronic ailments, I have learned it can make living with them so much more manageable.”



Weight Loss

Losing “Baby weight”

“With Alyssa’s help in meal planning and coaching in healthy eating habits and how to maintain a healthy diet in everyday life, I found that losing my baby weight occurred so much more naturally and easier than I thought possible! She helped me save so much time in the meal planning process that I was then able to spend with my family. My family and I are so thankful for our newfound healthy habits, my weight loss results and the delicious and easy recipes she provided!  I was thrilled to have Alyssa help with the time and labor intensive process of meal planning.  As a working mom with a newborn, I was so stressed trying to plan for and make healthy meals for myself and family. I learned more about proper portions and healthy eating habits and ingredients that I am now able to apply with my own meal plans.

The recipes she provided were catered specifically to me; I wanted fast, easy to make meals with the healthy ingredients I like. I was able to lose weight without feeling deprived at all. She was always available to make a change to the meal plan if needed, provide encouragement and offer useful tips and helpful information. The information she provided allows me to carry on a healthy diet and lifestyle long term.  I would not hesitate to recommend Alyssa for anyone seeking nutritional advice or help. Alyssa has extensive knowledge in a wide range of nutritional topics. She helped me lose my extra baby weight without a struggle and made it an enjoyable and educational process!”

-Jessica Baronas


Overweight and chronic health issues

“I would like to highly recommend Alyssa Simpson RD, CDE, CLT for any weight loss/control issues that you may be dealing.  I had significant weight issues, and a high level of frustration, to deal with due to major health issues. Alyssa Simpson is incredibly professional and takes the time necessary to understand you, your problems, your issues as well as your ultimate goal(s). With me, she then took the time to understand how I was motivated and what was important to me. She then developed a plan tailored to meet my goals built upon my motivations and the held me accountable to living up to my commitments.

The results and that’s what really counts; 27lbs lost over 15 weeks representing over 12% of my body weight. Also a significant reduction in my BMI. And the really good news is that I have developed healthy eating habits, making smart choices and have a better understanding of how to manage my weight and still enjoy life. I couldn’t be happier with the result of working with Alyssa – one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

-Jack J Tempe AZ