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Sibo Doctor Approved
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Alyssa Simpson Podcast
Alyssa Simpson Podcast

Can Bacteria In Your Mouth Cause Gut Issues?

In this episode, join Alyssa and Dr. Katie Lee as they explore the deeper dimensions of oral health, discussing the crucial connections between the oral microbiome, saliva production, and overall health. Learn about the benefits of mindful eating, the impact of stress on oral health, and practical tips for maintaining a healthy mouth beyond brushing and flossing.

Your mouth harbors a complex microbiome that impacts overall health.

In this must-listen episode, dentist Dr. Katie Lee reveals the unexpected ways your oral ecology influences conditions like IBS, fertility, heart disease, cancer, and more.


– Dr. Lee’s harrowing personal journey that sparked her passion for oral-systemic health
– How the same enzyme that causes gum disease can lead to leaky gut
– The often overlooked role of stomach acid in protecting your microbiome
– Practical tips like mouth taping, nose breathing, and oral probiotics
– When oral infections may require antimicrobial herbs or antibiotics
– Why salivary microbiome testing gives a powerful lens into whole-body health
– Dr. Lee’s vision for integrative clinics merging dental, medical, and nutritional care

Whether you’re struggling with chronic illness or want to optimize wellness, this eye-opening discussion sounds a code-red for taking oral health seriously. If you’ve liked this episode, hit the follow button, and listen to the podcast for more episodes on digestive health and wellness.

About Dr. Katie Lee: 

Dr. Katie Lee is a dentist, speaker, and coach who lives in Colorado. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2010. She was an owner-partner in over 80 DSO-supported dental practices throughout the US, serving as a Clinical Partner overseeing 5 states. Currently, she consults for health technology companies and provides implant education for general dentists. Her passion for the oral-systemic health link comes from personal experience and is detailed in her book Saved By the Mouth. Dr. Lee has won Top 40 Under 40 Dentists in America and International Woman of the Year in Dentistry and is a sought-after expert in the media.

Download the first chapter of Dr. Lee’s book for free here:

Download the IBS Resource Guide, which includes recommended apps and resources for effectively following the low FODMAP diet and managing digestive issues: IBS Resource Guide.

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