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certified gastrointestinal nutritionist
Sibo Doctor Approved
certified gastrointestinal nutritionist
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Alyssa Simpson Podcast
Alyssa Simpson Podcast

Gut-Brain Connection: Insights from a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

In this episode, Alyssa Simpson, a registered dietitian, chats with Chau Le, a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. Together, they explore the powerful connection between gut health and mental well-being. 

Learn how stress management techniques, such as the 4-7-8 breathing method, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindful eating, can transform your digestive & mental health. Discover practical tips on improving sleep hygiene and the impact of sleep on your gut and mental health. 

Whether you’re dealing with digestive issues, anxiety, or burnout, this episode offers valuable strategies to help you find balance and improve your overall wellness.

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  1. A guide with apps and resources to follow the Low FODMAP diet and manage digestive issues with ease:  IBS Resource Guide.
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