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Sibo Doctor Approved
certified gastrointestinal nutritionist
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episode 17
Alyssa Simpson Podcast
Alyssa Simpson Podcast

How Trevor Conquered His Gut Issues That Traditional Medicine Missed

In Episode 17 of The Gut Health Dialogues podcast, Alyssa’s client Trevor, shares his journey of dealing with severe gut health issues, including IBS and SIBO, and the frustration of traditional medical treatments failing to provide relief.

Through a holistic approach with a functional nutritionist, he discovered underlying causes, received comprehensive testing, and found hope for improvement.

Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • Trevor discusses the pivotal moment when he decided to seek help from Alyssa, a functional nutritionist, despite initial skepticism.
  • He talks about Alyssa’s comprehensive approach to testing and personalized interventions, which differed significantly from his previous medical experiences.
  • Alyssa explores the various factors contributing to Trevor’s gut health issues, including dietary changes, surgeries, and antibiotic use.
  • The aha moment when Trevor realized the connection between his gut health and past experiences with food poisoning and surgeries.
  • Trevor shares about the transformative impact of working with Alyssa, expressing newfound hope and optimism for the future.
  • Alyssa emphasizes the importance of addressing gut health comprehensively and the limitations of traditional medical approaches in managing conditions like IBS and SIBO.

Join us for another enlightening episode as we continue to explore the complexities of gut health and share inspiring stories of resilience and recovery. Remember to subscribe and leave us a review to help spread the word about Gut Health Dialogues.

That’s not all you get from this podcast…

  • Download the SIBO diet recipe collection mentioned in the episode using this link: SIBO Diet Recipes.
  • Explore the IBS Resource Guide for recommended apps and resources for effectively following the low FODMAP diet and managing digestive issues: IBS Resource Guide
  • Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Alyssa for personalised guidance and support in dealing with IBS, SIBO, and related conditions. Book your call here
  • And, if you want simple solutions to navigate gut health complexities, ditch chronic symptoms, and embrace vitality with ease, I have a community you can join to get empowered with tools and strategies for a stress-free journey to wellness, maintaining clarity, confidence, and motivation. Click here to join my Facebook Community.

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