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certified gastrointestinal nutritionist
Sibo Doctor Approved
certified gastrointestinal nutritionist
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What is Functional Nutrition and Why it's Essential for IBS and SIBO.
Alyssa Simpson Podcast
Alyssa Simpson Podcast

What is Functional Nutrition and Why it’s Essential for IBS and SIBO.

In this episode, Alyssa dives into functional nutrition and its critical role in addressing digestive issues like IBS and SIBO. She discusses the principles behind functional nutrition, the journey of a client who benefited from personalized functional nutrition therapy, and the five R’s framework for restoring digestive health.

But that’s not all. Alyssa also shares an overview of her functional nutrition process—what the consultation involves, the assessment, and her signature framework. She also talks about functional nutrition tools, supplements, and diet plans. Stay tuned until the end to get all your questions answered!

That’s not all you get from this podcast…

  • Download the SIBO diet recipe collection mentioned in the episode using this link: SIBO Diet Recipes.
  • Explore the IBS Resource Guide for recommended apps and resources for effectively following the low FODMAP diet and managing digestive issues: IBS Resource Guide
  • Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Alyssa for personalized guidance and support in dealing with IBS, SIBO, and related conditions. Book your call here
  • And, if you want simple solutions to navigate gut health complexities, ditch chronic symptoms, and embrace vitality with ease, I have a community you can join to get empowered with tools and strategies for a stress-free journey to wellness, maintaining clarity, confidence, and motivation. Click here to join my Facebook Community.

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