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Alyssa Simpson Nutrition Podcast Episode 3
Alyssa Simpson Podcast
Alyssa Simpson Podcast

Your Holiday Meals Caused An IBS Flare

In today’s episode of Gut Health Dialogues, Alyssa delves into a crucial topic – how to effectively manage IBS flare-ups that may arise after indulging in holiday meals. With the holiday season often presenting challenges to dietary routines, Alyssa provides insightful tips and strategies to navigate these situations while maintaining gut health.

Episode Highlights:

Navigating Good Intentions:

Alyssa acknowledges that despite good intentions and a solid plan to adhere to a specialized or low FODMAP diet during the holidays, unexpected situations may arise. Whether it’s a forgotten ingredient or succumbing to a childhood favorite, Alyssa reassures listeners that she’s here to support, not shame.

Dealing with the Consequences:

Alyssa discusses the potential consequences of deviating from the dietary plan, emphasizing that stress, a common trigger for IBS symptoms, should be managed effectively. Understanding the two parts of the enteric nervous system – sympathetic and parasympathetic –she encourages listeners to stay calm and shares tips on shifting from fight or flight to rest and digest mode.

Calming Techniques:

Alyssa provides practical advice on calming techniques, including deep breathing exercises, time in nature, and walking. These activities help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, optimizing digestion and reducing stress during holiday meals.

Remedies Toolkit:

Alyssa discusses a toolkit for managing IBS flare-ups, featuring remedies such as enteric-coated peppermint oil, fennel, caraway, anise seed tea, and slippery elm. While not personalized recommendations, these remedies are safe and readily available for mitigating symptoms.

Dietary Adjustments:

Alyssa advises listeners to adjust their diets back to tolerated foods as soon as possible after a flare-up. Utilizing low FODMAP apps, such as Monash University or Spoonful, can aid in making informed dietary choices to calm symptoms.

Heat Therapy:

Exploring the benefits of heat therapy, Alyssa recommends using a hot water bottle or heating pad on the abdomen to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and relax gut muscles. Alternatively, sitting in a warm bath provides a soothing effect for the entire body.

Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy:

Alyssa introduces the concept of gut-directed hypnotherapy, a research-based approach developed by Monash University. It aids in creating a positive relationship between the gut and brain, calming IBS symptoms. Listeners can explore apps like Nerva for guided visualizations.

As the episode wraps up, Alyssa reassures listeners that managing IBS flare-ups is possible with the right strategies and mindset. The key is to approach the situation calmly, utilize effective techniques, and make informed choices for better gut health.

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