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Low FODMAP Snacks That Will Keep You Satisfied

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When you’re on the low FODMAP diet, you do a lot of planning, learning, and label-reading. And it doesn’t take you long to realize that FODMAPs are everywhere. The whole thing can get tiresome.

I know for a lot of people who suffer from IBS, summer is a time when it’s hard to stick to your food plan. Lots of my clients have fallen off the FODMAP wagon over the past 3 months. And that’s no problem. Life happens. I’m here to support the people in my practice. And I never ever get judgy over what they eat or how they live.

But I do try to make things as easy on them as I can. I understand that sticking to a strict therapeutic diet like low FODMAP can be a big undertaking. So I provide resources (like my free IBS Resource Guide), tips, and ideas for making the low FODMAP diet easier.

As we get back into the swing of things this fall, I want to help you set yourself up for success. So I’ve devoted this month’s articles to my favorite strategies, resources, and tips for getting back on the low FODMAP wagon.

The trick to sticking to the low FODMAP diet — or any therapeutic diet — is making it work with your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for low FODMAP drive-thru options, ready to cook a yummy low FODMAP recipe, or trying to sort through the treacherous world of condiments for low FODMAP condiment options, I’ve got you covered.

This week… one of my favorite topics — low FODMAP snacks.

What constitutes a “good” low FODMAP snack?

No, I’m not about to start judging your snack choices. Food doesn’t have any moral value. It’s just food. But there are ways to up your snacking game so you feel more energized and stay satisfied longer.

If you eat french fries and low FODMAP ketchup for a snack, it’s probably going to be delicious. But it won’t keep you full for very long. That’s because this snack is very carb heavy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against carbs. I think they’re fabulous, and they have a very important place in most healthy diets. But, when you eat a snack or meal that’s pretty much only carbs, it’s not going to keep you satisfied very long.

That’s because carbohydrates are quick-burning fuel. And that’s a good thing. Sometimes you need a quick boost in blood sugar or energy. But if you want your snack to go the distance and keep you satisfied until your next meal, then you need to do some snack balancing.

What is a balanced snack?

If you want your snack to give you a quick energy boost and keep you satisfied, you need to mix your macros. Macros — also known as macronutrients — are the big three nutrient categories: protein, carbohydrates and fat.

I already mentioned that carbs are fast-burning and good for a quick energy boost. But if you want sustained energy after your snack, it’s important that you add some protein — and maybe some healthy fat. These two macronutrients are slower-burning. And they do a few things for you:

😃 When you add protein or fat to a snack, you’re more likely to feel satisfied when you’re done eating.

😃 Protein and fat both help your body process your carbohydrates more slowly, helping to keep your blood sugar from spiking and crashing.

😃 Having protein or fat with your carbs will help you stay satiated longer.

What else should I consider when choosing a low FODMAP snack?

My best advice is to be realistic. We’ve all done it. You go to the grocery store and buy stuff for snacks that requires extensive preparation. I’m just sure I’ll find the time to make homemade beef jerky

But then at the end of the week you open your refrigerator. And all those ingredients are still sitting there.

One of the main requirements of a good low FODMAP snack is convenience. If it’s too much of a pain to prepare, pack, or transport, you probably won’t do it — even with the best of intentions.

And while I’m all for making food choices that take nutrition into account — I am a holistic nutritionist afterall. Your snacks have to taste good too. You probably won’t eat food you don’t like.

Building a Balanced Low FODMAP Snack

This can be super simple. Pick a low FODMAP carbohydrate-rich food and pair it with a protein-rich food. And if you want, you can add a little fat like some avocado or Kraft Avocado Oil Mayonnaise. You’ll get the best bang for your snacking buck if you base your snack on whole-foods, rather than processed. But again, I’m not here to be the food police.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Low FODMAP Carbohydrate Snack Foods

✔ Berries — strawberries, blueberries, raspberries

✔ Banana

✔ Orange

✔ Mandarin

✔ Kiwi fruit (green)

✔ Pineapple

✔ Carrot

✔ Cucumber

✔ Celery

✔ Cherry tomatoes

Low FODMAP Protein-Rich Snack Foods

✔ Hard boiled egg

✔ Chicken or turkey

✔ Tuna

✔ Salmon

✔ Peanuts or peanut butter

✔ Almonds or almond butter

✔ Sunflower seeds

✔ Macadamia nuts

✔ Pumpkin seeds

✔ Walnuts

✔ Cheese — cheddar or swiss

Low FODMAP Packaged Foods to Pair with Protein:

✔ Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thins Crackers

✔ Simple Truth Gluten Free Multigrain with Sea Salt Rice Crackers

✔ Schar Gluten Free Multigrain Table Crackers

✔ Good Thins Rice Crackers, Simply Salt

✔ Back to Nature Gluten Free Multi-seed Rice Thin

✔ Mary’s Gone Gluten Free Original Crackers

✔ Tostito’s Tortilla Chips, Original Flavor

✔ Nature Valley Crunchy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

✔ Silk Almond Dairy-Free Strawberry Yogurt

✔ Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt

✔ Trader Joe’s Veggie Crisps Puffed Potato Snacks

✔ Gomacro Macrobar Organic Vegan Protein Bar – Peanut Butter, Sunflower Butter & Chocolate,

✔ Banana & Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate & Almonds

✔ FodyFoods snack bars (all flavors)

My Favorite Balanced Low FODMAP Snacks

These are some of my favorite low FODMAP snack combos that combine some healthy carbs and protein.

✔ Strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries + 1 oz almonds

✔ 1 stalk celery + 2 Tbsp peanut butter

✔ ½ banana + hard-boiled egg

✔ Orange + 1 oz low fat, 2%, or part-skim cheese

✔ Canned tuna, salmon, or chicken mixed with 1-2 Tbsp Kraft Avocado Oil Mayonnaise, chives,

pepper, and dill + baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber slices

✔ 1 slice Udi-s gluten free white bread + 1/8 avocado + 1 egg + tomato slices

✔ Turkey roll-ups: 2 oz low sodium turkey + 1 slice Swiss or cheddar + cherry tomatoes

✔ Glutino pretzels dipped in 2 Tbsp peanut or almond butter

✔ 3 – 4 cups air-popped popcorn mixed with 2 Tbsp sunflower seeds

✔ 1 oz dark chocolate + fresh berries

✔ Silk Dairy Free Vanilla Almond Yogurt or Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt + ¼ cup blueberries

✔ 1 Tbsp almond or peanut butter + 2 kiwi

✔ 1.5 oz tortilla chips + 1 oz shredded cheddar cheese

Finding Low FODMAP Diet Support

I won’t lie — the low FODMAP diet is not easy. There’s a lot to keep track of. FODMAPs hide everywhere, and labels are not much help. But I’ve got you. I offer a few different options that can make your IBS journey easier.

IBS Resource Guide

I’ve helped over 1,000 people address their IBS symptoms. And over the years I’ve found a few top tier resources. So I took my favorites and put them together in a free PDF. You can get your copy of the IBS Resource Guide here.

1:1 Nutritional Counseling

This is where we can really dig into the nitty gritty of your specific symptoms and underlying issues. I’m like an IBS detective. I’ll look at all your test results, symptoms, lifestyle, and more to figure out the root cause of your digestive issues. And then we work together to come up with a plan that will help you feel like yourself again. If you’d like to learn more about what this looks like, you can schedule a free 15-minute strategy call.

Community Support

Sometimes it helps to be in community with other people on a similar journey. That’s why I created The Healthy Gut Solutions Group. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with IBS or not, this community is for people who are struggling with digestive issues and want solutions. You can join The Healthy Gut Solutions Group here.

Online Program — NEW!

I’ve taken my best strategies, tools, and resources and put them all together in my new online program IBS Relief Blueprint. This affordable course maps out the entire low FODMAP diet journey, and gives you all the tools and resources you need to be successful. You can learn more about IBS Relief Blueprint here.


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