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Not Sure How to Cook Low FODMAP? Here Are My Top 6 Low FODMAP Recipe Sites

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Woman in a green tank top slicing a yellow bell pepper to use in a low FODMAP dinner recipe.

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If you live in a warmer climate, summer is not a fun time to cook. Sweating in a kitchen over a hot stove or oven is no fun.

But fall is coming. And if you’re like many of my IBS clients, you’ve decided to take advantage of the return to routine that comes with school starting and get back on track with your low FODMAP diet.

So all month, we’ve been talking about ways to make it easier to get back into the swing of things. I gave some of my best advice on how to stay low FODMAP on those nights where you hit the drive thru. Then last week’s article is a deep dive into low FODMAP condiments.

This week, we’re talking all about low FODMAP cooking. Pumpkin spice season is just around the corner, and you may just feel cozy enough to want to spend time preparing something yummy in your own kitchen. And I want you to have just the right tools to make it easy. So today I’m going to share my all-time favorite low FODMAP recipe sites.

Low FODMAP Recipe Site #1: Monash

Monash is a great resource for all things FODMAP. Their site has lots of informative articles. And I love the Monash app for eating low FODMAP. In fact, I have found the app so helpful for my clients, I included it in my free IBS Resource Guide.

And, yes, the Monash website has low FODMAP recipes too.

No matter what type of recipe you need, Monash has you covered. They have recipes for all three meals, plus snacks and desserts. They even have vegan and vegetarian options! And as always with Monash, you can trust that their recipes and recommendations are always low FODMAP.

Low FODMAP Recipe Site #2: FODMAP Everyday

This is another favorite. FODMAP Everyday features recipes for specialized diets within the low FODMAP diet. So if you’re vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, or gluten free, FODMAP Everyday has recipes for you.

Their search function is extremely robust. You can search based on meal, dietary need, main ingredient, and even based on the specific FODMAP you need to avoid. As you work through the low FODMAP diet, you’ll eventually start adding higher FODMAP foods back in. And you may find that certain FODMAPs work for you, while others don’t.

But on this site, you don’t have to go digging through every recipe, checking the ingredients to make sure you’re totally avoiding your trigger FODMAPs. They do the work for you!

Low FODMAP Recipe Site #3: Kate Scarlata

Kate Scarlata is an RDN, blogger, and cookbook author. And her website has tons of really great low FODMAP recipes.

She has her low FODMAP recipes divided up by category:

✔ Low FODMAP Appetizers & Snacks

✔ Low FODMAP Breads/Muffins

✔ Low FODMAP Breakfast/Smoothies

✔ Low FODMAP Condiments/Dips

✔ Low FODMAP Desserts & Other

✔ Low FODMAP Main Dishes

✔ Low FODMAP Sides

Be mindful on her site though. She does have recipes that are not low FODMAP. But every recipe that is low FODMAP is clearly labeled that way. And if you click on the link above, you’ll land on her low FODMAP only recipe page.

Low FODMAP Recipe Site #4: Fody Foods

This is another favorite company that I included in my IBS Resource Guide.

If you’ve been searching for packaged low FODMAP foods, you’re probably familiar with Fody Foods. I included several of their condiments in my low FODMAP condiment article.

You can find Fody Foods products at your local store, or you can order them online directly from the company’s website. Their products are super convenient, and you don’t have to do any label-reading to make sure you’re not eating accidental FODMAPs.

And when it comes to recipes, Fody Foods has your back. You can find a variety of recipes — including options for your slow cooker, one-pot meals, and quick and easy sheet pan dinners. Just keep in mind that all of their recipes utilize a Fody Foods product. So you’ll have to do a little planning ahead.

Low FODMAP Recipe Site #5: Rachel Pauls

Rachel Pauls is a busy doctor and mom who got fed up with endlessly searching for good low FODMAP recipes. So she decided to create her own. And the results have yielded a fantastic low FODMAP recipe blog.

Her blog features low FODMAP recipes in the following categories:

✔ Main Dishes

✔ Snacks & Appetizers

✔ Side Dishes

✔ Beverages

✔ Condiments & Dips

✔ Desserts & Baked Goods

Low FODMAP Recipe Site #6: A Little Bit Yummy

A Little Bit Yummy features over 150 low FODMAP recipes — all reviewed by a dietitian. And this is a great place to search if you have additional dietary restrictions. You can easily find recipes for dairy free, egg free, gluten free, nut free, soy free, vegan, and vegetarian.

And if you fall in love with this site, you also have the option of joining her low-cost recipe club where you’ll get access to 900+ low FODMAP recipes!

Wondering if the low FODMAP diet is right for you?

I’ve found the low FODMAP diet to be a powerful tool for helping my IBS clients manage their symptoms. But the low FODMAP diet isn’t for everyone — even everyone with IBS. Yes, it will likely help you feel better. But this isn’t a permanent solution.

The low FODMAP diet is designed as a temporary therapeutic food plan that can help calm your IBS while you work with a practitioner to address the underlying digestive issues. So, if you’re not working with a dietitian who is experienced in guiding clients through this diet, I don’t recommend you try it. Staying low FODMAP for too long can deprive your body of important nutrients and lead to nutrient deficiencies.

When you work alongside a practitioner, they’ll help you through all three stages of this therapeutic diet. Then when you’re done, you’ll feel great and know exactly which of the higher FODMAP foods you should avoid, and which ones you can handle.

If you’re ready to dig deep and get to the bottom of your digestive symptoms, let’s talk. I’ve spent my entire career helping people just like you overcome their digestive problems so they can focus on the fun stuff again.

I’ve also created The Healthy Gut Solutions Group, an online community designed to offer support while you navigate IBS or other digestive problems. If you need guidance, inspiration, and solutions to your gut-related worries, I invite you to become a part of our community!

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